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Develop a close relationship with your significant other.
General Discussion
Posted By: Anonymous254997 20 hours ago
The trial of quality treatment on rodents was led by scientist Jesse Plants at College of Colorado Wellbeing Sciences Center, in Denver with the assistance of his group of specialists. At first, sid...
The Revival?
General Discussion
Posted By: Clipni 2 days ago
so I've noticed that the user super_sus has finally dissapeared, does that mean Puru is back and the site will be updated more frequently now?
Is the site dead?
General Discussion
Posted By: ErzaScarlet6969 1 week ago
I'm sure lots of people have noticed the very small amount of uploads to the site. You can look at this post and see a little bit of the why, https://pururin.to/forum/discussion/general-discussion/b...
Looking for Manga
General Discussion
Posted By: Anonymous221009 1 week ago
Hello fellow reader,I am looking for a hentai manga that i read at least 10 years ago which i really liked and i am trying to find it, without success. The plot went this way:You had students that c...
Hide blacklisted stuff?
General Discussion
Posted By: Anonymous253058 3 weeks ago
is there a way to not have blacklisted stuff show up? I remember the original site being able to do that.
Ban <super>sus
General Discussion
Posted By: Anonymous213401 1 month ago
Can this person be banned? They comment on damn near every single page and it's always 'Nice' with some links to shitty camsites.
Lost Loli doujin
General Discussion
Posted By: lolicockロリクッキー 1 year ago
I WANT people to share and recommend different doujins and ask help finding something they can't!
Midnight Sex harem in a train
General Discussion
Posted By: Anonymous124614 2 months ago
I am looking for a manga where a student accidentally hopped into a train at midnight where it was a bunch of milf harem sex.
How to search through Pururin Forum?
General Discussion
Posted By: Anonymous246896 2 months ago
I'm looking for a specific doujin that I can't remember the name of, I know I could just ask on "Sauce" category, but I feel like someone might have already asked it, so It would be nice t...
Searching: Trap Ass Judging Contest resulting in gangbang
General Discussion
Posted By: Anonymous141099 3 months ago
Hello Pururinos,im looking for a certain doujin, where a boy/trap goes to an ass judging contest in a mini skirt and therefore as a girl. the judges quickly notice his little secret under the skirt,...