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Holy Shit Best Story EVER ! 5/5
I always felt that the higher up girls of the staff (basically, the girls left to be involved with the MC and apparently single) being some kind of lesbos mostly out of nowhere was because after establishing the main pair and given the chapter that was on...maybe:

1- The manga was only approved for 1 tank so there was not space for envolving them with the MC.
2- Author didnt want the MC to be a " lucky cheating bastard" like what usually happens on that kind of harem stories.
3- Author just wanted to make it (really strong point given author style, but still a boring reason xD)

Personally that was underwhelming because it did little to expand the characters development and it was a wasted opportunity given how the were portrayed as man haters to a degree, and at present they seem to not be anymore.
Kinda making them flatter than the girls involved with the MC, which considering they are hentai characters is even more sad.
But whatever what is done is done....

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