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What a "kind" old man, helping out that little ( ) grader like he did. He is a real stand_up guy.
Another doujin that was better than the cover would suggest. There were some aspects I didn't like as much (like many doujin I enjoy)but, it didn't stop from fapping.
Raping little kids is not good. This turned me off.
This was great
Wait this isn’t free vbucks
Jimmy's tales
Raping, raping you say? How is it raping? She never once tried to fight him off! In fact, he never really forced himself on her so as to make her have to fight him off! She wanted it!
This was a hidden gem for me. After trying to find it over and over I’ve finally made an account and stuck it in my favourites. 5 star concept.
idk what to say
>>37641 @ Niekophillia
What about raping adults?

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