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Amazing, lucky kid, I don't think I ever want to be a kid again. I'll just mess up history/the timeline by being jaded, cynical dick who'll be a snarky smart ass. Still good one, I'll re read it again when I got time.
Loving the revenge aspect and that wife. Great work
What a compelling story..
Amazing Stuff that plotwist tho
Its god damn good!! But I love single heroine better, that what this series lack off.
Great story (12/10)
My boy was like "Let me go back to the nearest save point, and change shit up."
Great story but my dick hurts
9/10 best dam thing ever only complaint is i wish there was more story rather than sex
Ok then
Holy fuck,that sensitivity as a kid is so relateable.

I remember my heart pounding as if it's gonna explode from just smallest thing as a kid.

The pleasure must be ***** TIER WORK!
The story, the drawings, the lenght. So good
My only complaint is that the ending is a bit ***** cliche
The "twist" is not a twist if you put attention to the peculiarities on the Wedding CG´s.
>>21954 @ Anonymous16822
Not much of a "twist" if you put attention to the peculiarities on the Wedding CG´s; right? xD
just opened a acc to download this... perfection
Took me two days to get through it, but I feel it was interesting enough to hold my attention all the way through to the end. Good use of story and I was interested in the characters. Pretty good read.
wtf wtf wtf wtf sugioo suweettt nc nc magnifico thumbs up btw i got 8round in this series im so happy xD
This is the best hentai i've ever seen
It says loli, and he refers to them as grade schoolers, but there's way too many cow tits in here for my liking.
I have to say it was truely amazing.
Just amazing!
Nice hentai manga...
Its full of wish Fulfillment
Bloody smile
>>22614 @ rocketto
Hentai is basically wish-fulfilment though?
The authors or/and ours.
The part with the sister was a bit much with the extra kids, I would have said I only get the V(igina). Also it was fking funny when he has sex during his marriage.
Second time reading it, still a great story.
What the fuck...
Now this is EPYC.
Hi I am not to skilled in english but ..... LA PUTA MADRE QUE TE PARIO or FUCKING GREAT +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ DEEPLY CONGRATS TO THE AUTHOR who seems to be very skilled very talents in this tipe of stories... KEEP DOING IT PLS???!!!!!!!!!!!
Im done watching hentai. This is fucked up.
566 pages
Hahaha. . . No
Holy shit this story is great!
nice story so he get his reveng succes after know his sister friend make him bullied
To anyone who reads this comment:

This is god tier. An absolute masterpiece. Highly recommend.

Now, if you could do this in real life...
I have so many women I want to take my revenge against.
Middle school, high school, college, next door neighbors, grocery store clerks...coworkers.
My older sister... I could rape an entire city!!

Sigh... Alas... You cannot go back. And, even if I did...what guarantee do I have that it will play out as it did in this manga? Answer = 0%

Ah well... There is always hope.
*spoiler alert*
I hated the fact that Kasumi, who was traumatized by her father got what his father did to other women..
Anything else is fine though.. So It's overall a good fap.
566 full color pages ... That's some fine dedication right there
This is the real "boku" no hero academia story.
Damn wow
I've followed this from ch. 1 and finally had time to read the finished version. The time it took to read it all is damn well worth it!
this was an amazing treat and ill gladly eat this treat up with care
This is the most satisfying thing I have read in my entire life. Pure perfection. Bitches would be so much happier if they just accepted their purpose in life. The whole world would be a much better place. I almost have tears of joy from reading this beautiful story.
>>34688 @ LuckyCross
Yah if life worked like this we would all most likely have huge harems of whores with big or small tits/ass but alas the world doesn’t work like the manga I cry everytime😢😢
is this finished already? i mean is this complete?
It has an adaption already and I watched it it's good
Minus the loli the others were hot. The mom especially. Aside from that though I wish they did you one extra thing. For the final girl who paid for him to get bullied. Wish during his revenge on her he also called her out emotionally and revealed to her how he felt towards her. How he looked up to her with love. Then she could have also showed genuine shock and regret at what she did and how she unjustly viewed him when prior to the do over he was innocent. That would have been a nice touch. After he humped her brains out she’d hug him and tearfully apologize.
>>35018 @ NiStocks_21
She did however do something really bad. Just cause her jackass father was a womanizer and being the only bad experience she had with men she though it was ok to have someone bully boku who was originally an innocent kid. She was even sick enough to say she’d be pleased if he grew to hate women. Wtf. Which he emotionally confronted her whole she was awake during his revenge. See her show genuine shock and regret hearing how her viewed her. So she’d then apologies genuinely not just cause of the mind break.
All together I only like the mature looking women of this. Not fond of him being a grade schooler though. I’d prefer it being during his Hs years. Here’s what I’d perfer. He’s a little under developed in hight and age appearances despite being in mid or late teens. But not a damn little boy. He’s just a scronny kid of the class. Kind hearted and sweat looking but doesn’t have a lot of Intimidation to him, making himself an easy target. To bullies. He attends a boarding school and shares an appartment with his stepsister. Neighbors being the hot mom and her daughter who’s his old childhood friend turned bully. Who’s also not so much a freaking loli and has more volume. Otherwise That’s just wrong.
Even after a year+ of reading this I still find weak the reason of the lesbo-friend for being a lesbo and a bitch.
And dont really understand what was the author intention in "hiding not hiding" that in the original timeline she got her way with the sister...
"The power of dick"
how i wish there was more of the MILF shes how asf
Revenge stories usually are single minded. Which is why I don't enjoy them I relate to the situation. Even then they are guilty pleasures. This story fails to explain how he supports not only himself but all the others, WHERE'S THE MONEY!!!
>>149884 @ Anonymous
The fuck? Even if you weren’t able to come up with the reason on your own, the author literally tells you.
seeing as how we haven't gotten a part 3 of the hentai adaptation in over a year id say i'm willing to read through this
Lmao, MC is super chad. And also, the train girl like imagine travelling from world to world to get molested again.
>>1071879 @ Anonymous
Wai, this one have h adaption?
Evil lesbians. Like the plot of one of those 90s B-tier flicks.
I've been waiting on the anime to get the last episode for so long I just read it. A very good nut.
Glad that fucking bitch Kasumi got what she ***** have loved to see her get more
This was really interesting. I like the story

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