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Oh man this hit all the right notes! Great find Fram! (Page 33 had me cracking up)
Concerning the comment on the last page: It just says (probably only approximately), "12,000 new humans". It's doesn't say, "12,000 of my children," just, "many children." Considering the question about and solution to possible inbreeding, I'd think some of the older kids would start having their own kids to boost the reproduction rate. One girl Is holding a baby. It's either a sibling or er own kid.

We don't seem to be accounting for any deaths either. That either means it's a shorter elapse time (kids have kids) or the kids have very long lifespans and slow aging. (No mention of actual lifespan, just, "a longer lifespan than the old humans.")
if you play Stallaris you can use that last page to build a civilization, all the info is there to make it. Also, with mods, you can even get a Kitsune race.

The ship became a Colony ship, that is, it was a fully functioning civilisation with, probably, several generations having passed since the first 6 were born. Meaning kids having kids and so on with his own kids being added to the mix ever so often via the cryo pot. This would give the most genetic diversity needed to seed a new race with only 1 starting mating pair. Even though she can change that in later generations born to allow the diversity to spread. Probably helps that she can have multiple births each time allowing for a faster starting population.
The ship took around 1500 or more years to get to that other planet, meaning he spent a LOT of time in that cryo pot.
This hit so many of my kinks.
This a W right here. Impregnating fox goddess + children

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