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Bloody smile
I don't think the gf mines it....
Another excellent doujin seems to have graced my presence. It really is a shame that it was so short. Fucking the daughter and mother is a major kink of mine so something like this was destined to be enjoyable for me before I even read it.

It is quite the exciting read and the characters are well drawn and quite attractive. Im sure anyone who reads should have fun with this.
[Bloody smile]
Neither do I to be honest.
Bloody smile
Wow to get a reply in hentai's comment section...i shall retain my meager faith in humanity and bless you [ Anonymous 3033]
Whoa... That's pretty mind bending ('-'
No lies were told here
ako ngapala c oliver
That was good.
I want Mamasan!!! She is soooooooooooooooooo hot.... but the idea of them body swapping... MAJOR dream!!!!
Damn, this is out of the box
What if the mom's body die with the daughter's soul in it?
This one gold
Oyakodon tag?

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