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Pretty good
Magnificent story!
So Wholesome, I almost shed a tear.
Love at first sight is bullshit. THIS is how love really works.
This is completely believable and realistic.
And the end was heart-wrenchingly beautiful.
She won't leave him because he's the only one that treats her like a sexy woman and lusts after her.
And he can't leave her because he is hopeless and needs her to survive. Also men fall in love by having tons of sex with the same woman. It's different for girls.
They fall in love through anxiety and uncertainty, and being dominated like he did to her. Plus he accepted her for who she was. Nobody else would.
It was a beautiful story. I approve.
There is a saying where I am from: "a woman's looks doesn't matter, when you turn the lights off everything is already black"
They had their ups and downs, I however am VERY GLAD he didnt run away in the end and kept himself together for their babys sake.
That on itself is what sells the ending.
oho wholesome
this is quite possibly the best love story i read in a good while. like the ending legitimately brought me almost to tears.
that moment when you realize the first 3 of doujinshi that this circle put out is already hentai
Lucky bas**** hahaha
What a lucky dude
I hate the mc here. He's a piece of shit tbh
You bastard. You have what all men want
I really liked this one. Wholesome and yet the male MC is flawed but gets his shit together
Man, that was beautiful, the story, the art, everything, i gonna be more loving to my GF from now on, thanks Special G.

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