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Happy ending
I'm not sure I understand the ending to be honest.
okay wow
the girl she rape is a bully.
Rape that shit old man! I just wish I could take your place on your off days!
The girl with a scarf is the one that throws the can in the beginning and the end.

The girl with perfect bowl cut bangs is the helpful kind girl. In the ending she is on the left, laughing and having fun with the two other girls. The girl with the mole is in the middle rolling her eyes back. She was seen eating a snack after school.

Supposedly now that perfect bowl kind girls bully is gone, she is free to socialize like a normal little girl.
>>38197 @ Anonymous3033
Now that the kind girls bully is gone, she is free to socialize with other girls and is not at the bottom of the pecking order. I had to look again to make sure it was not her who threw the soda. It is the scarf girl that throws the drink both times. There is a girl with a scruffy bowl cut and a perfectly neat bowl cut (the nice one) and one with a mole (the one making a goofy face).
The girl with pigtails is the bully.
Well that was dark
Good job old man.
shame theres no revenge tag

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