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I want a bro like that too ! <3
So sweet and cute!!! I love it!
Good. Also, I lold when they mentioned antiair.
Literally the best Loli Doujin Ever
Pretty much sucked seeing that she's only 11 because *cough cough* pedobear *cough cough* jail *cough*
Oh, the Pepsi meme panel.
Also, wasn't that a mofo JoJo's reference?
Would be good if she wasn't 11.. Makes me so uncomfortable
Found this in a Boomer meme wtf why are they 11???? Like he is going to get arrested
I swear they could stretch out this story to be a very entertaining twelve-episode anime.

Like maybe they don't fuck right away and instead their first romantic interaction is just a kiss to give him a confidence boost.

Or maybe something like she brought an onahole and uses it on him but no pussy yet.

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