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Lucky kid. I too would just sniff her spandexy crotch/ass after she trains/competes, she should stink strongly after a long hard day. Stinky spandex is the best, and made all the better by sexy Yuri, that strong, stuffy/musty spandexy odor is pure eroticism.
>>727 @ Anonymous
Nothing I say could measure up to this perfect description of what was so hot about this doujin.

Nice comment.
(But in a attempt to try anyway)

What really sold it for me was the spats. Spats/bloomers and the like are always extremely hot. The way her large butt fills it only increased the appeal so I would have loved to have her sit on my face too.
As weird as that is, I agree and would hope she's nice an smelly! Spandex short shorts are already sexy, Yuri wearing 'em while stinking them up really takes the prize! kid has know idea how lucky he is.........

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