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No loli.
pretty ass *****.
The sex was pretty great.

But that aside. I hate how the dude used the "kid" card just because he was losing.

I also hate how she asked him whether he was embarrassed by "getting hard to a girl sitting on his face". I mean seriously?! shes hot beyond belief, and thats if we don't count her amazing ass.

What's their to be embarrassed about?

And as for being humiliated and milked like a toy?

Doesn't matter. He Had Sex.
Sure it would have been nice if he could have been more dominant, done better at sex etc. But this was still was an alright situation, especially with someone so hot.

Maybe if he trains hard enough he can rape her back one day. It's something to work towards.

Prove to her who the loser really is.
>>23248 @ Anonymous
Why are random people spamming shit like this in the comments. What is this?
intense training!
Hmmm, delicious, I love it.
I want mooooaaaarrrr I want a continuation of this one
underrated, but I gave 5stars!
When losing is, in fact, winning.
Pretty good 👍

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