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Bloody smile
Its things like these that make me hesitate in starting a relationship
your mom
>>10937 @ Bloody smile just dont make a relationship with a retard then.
>>10937 @ Bloody smile
Assuming you can start a relationship 😂😂 [sry had to do it]
Bloody smile
No prob [Mr] we all have to find someone to insult for our amusement from time to time (i mean i do it all the time) whats important is moderation and stopping before you get a free ride on a bot with makoto.
Bloody smile
>>10937 @ Bloody smile
Keep your partner happy and you shouldn't have to worry about things like this happening
That was hot af. I don't care if it was ntr, the husband should have been hitting that more often.

His loss.
it's not NTR, since the main char is the woman and the delivery guy :o

but then again, how could someone abandoned a sexy hot ass woman like that for porn books? (for a long time too)
Page 16: My lady...
Enjoy the art,*****'s a fiction.
Cool i love it😍😍😍
I'd order some more products then meet the delivery guy at the door with my shotgun if he did that to my wife, consensual or not. Only difference would be that she would also get to greet my shotgun before him if she consented. No joke. Tell them at the start of the relationship that that is the consequence and you will have no trouble of that kind.
Bloody smile
>>13534 @ Dirty
But how much is happy enough?
>>32655 @ Bloody smile
That's a good point. I have read examples of guys that tried to keep their partner happy and were still cheated on. (And that's just the dudes who found out).
I'm in a relationship and my girlfriend/wife doesn't have all those sexy ass body parts but I still wanna fuck her soul everyday. So that dbass who rented those books and hasn't done nun with his girlfriend is completely stupid. If I was older and had my own place with my girlfriend I'd fuck her every single day any chance I could get.
He picked sum stupid ass books over probably the best wife in the world. lllssss applaud that delivery man.
Make me dont want start a relationship
This definitely doesn’t happen, if first u aren’t as stupid as the husband, second ur wife doesn’t go dressing like a bitch in front of anyone and asking for their opinions.
fiction is fiction. but can't satisfying ur partner can become a huge problem too.
>>13534 @ Dirty
You can't keep someone happy if they're not happy with you. Not unless you have the ability to control thoughts and emotions. You can do your best and still have them leave you or cheat on you. That is reality...not this fictional badly written NTR fantasy shit.
>>38303 @ VahnJr
That's why we need to learn various techniques
he should of just went online instead of using something physical, rookie mistake.
Laughing...Damn you guys act like this is real life. "Oh I'm gonna shoot the cartoon mailman for having sex with the cartoon wife." Seriously people???
A+ censoring
A++++ don't judge big boys
Not gonna say much but a stark: GOOD SHITE
Wasting pretty wife he has? What a ungrateful husband

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