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Amazing 😍 story needs a follow-up
Love the drawing. The story... I which there was a second part to it.
I think he's gonna see the woman getting banged by some random dude. I hope not,but it often to be like that
Wanna see the next part! Hopefully she’s standing there naked and wet af!
She probably moved and someone else moved in during the time he stopped going to her place.
Oh Okay
>>143522 @ Camaxtli
Don't fuckin jinx it!!...
Zod bless the artist
>>143526 @ Oh Okay
Based on what the author wrote before its highly possible...

Would hate that though. It would be better if she finally found someone(the MC) that she could stay with and settle down.
i think it his friend banging her...

well lucky kid he got his prize for being nerd
Maybe I’m a weirdo but if there is a next part she’s gonna be pregnant I just know it
I have a funny feeling this story will take a dark turn, if we do get a sequel. I might be wrong, but you never know.
More than likely the scenario is that she opens the door and welcome’s him in and he'll just keep on going back and that's how it's based on his past work.

Based on the author’s pixiv it seems the new direction for the works are Milf x shota with the 3rd one that came out, it's on nhentai [295679] and the 4th seems to be wip, all in all, I like it.
The Ara-Ara is strong with this one.
Seriously,i heard ara-ara evereytime i read her line.
2nd chpt
More please
She's just a whore. So of course she's fucking some other guys now. Probably that other boy now.
>>1062953 @ Horndog88
Bruh, did you even understand the story? the whole point is that she wasn't a whore but decided to act the part anyway as a form of revenge. It is heavily implied that her revenge was successful but it came at a very high price due to the consequences of her behavior, things like the rumors.

The reason she had sex with MC was because she felt they were kindred spirits hence "birds of a feather (fly together)". She's not hooking up with other guys, especially not the other boy, at least not based on any information in this manga. U BE WRONG BREH.
Cultural context is lost on us foreigners but through sheer weeb luck, I can tell you that this story is actually about Japan's strict adherence to archetypes, collectivism and conformity. Specifically, how you can be put into a 'box' by others and punished if you go outside of that 'box'.

But yeah who gives a fuck it's manga hentai OMEGALULZ right....? still if you are curious here's what happened, basically the MC was being called "yuutousei" [Page 2/4] which means "honor student" but in Japan, an honor student isn't just someone that gets good grades. It's someone that is expected to always be virtuous, upright, orderly, studious and dignified. If you have good grades but are a clumsy, sleazy piece of shit in or outside school, your grades will drop either from the teacher disliking you or other students actively fucking with you because you were supposed to be example to aspire to for others. It's very stupid in my opinion.

Anyway, MC was a typical student that did everything he was "supposed to do" to be normal (follow the rules, study, don't be troublesome, etc.) but he was being driven into the "honor student" box which he disliked and justifiably so. This is why MC acted out against his two friend's suggestion that he was an "honor student" by approaching and asking the MILF an inappropriate question, something an "honor student" would never do. At that moment, she sensed a kindred spirit. How did she sense he was a kindred spirit? well, MC was the only one who acknowledged her and gave her a proper greeting, MC's looks are that of a proper student that would never ask her such a thing. She suspected that MC was going through a similar thing as she was and sure enough, when they sat down for tea her suspicious were confirmed [Page 07]. From this she felt great sympathy for him, he was a good boy that was being maligned despite having done nothing to deserve it, just as she was a good girl that was maligned despite technically having done nothing wrong. This is why she was so willing to have sex with him, hence "Birds of a feather".

The cultural context of what happened with her is as similar to his and went as follows: When she was a student, what happened to her was because she was an sad looking outcast/loner, aka a "gloomy bocchi" but she had good grades, that's bad. She was standing out because she was SUPPOSED to have mediocre or bad grades. Yes, you read right, a "gloomy bocchi" [Page 34] is not allowed to stand out in a positive way like with good grades without severe retribution........ yea, I'm not even kidding on that. Anyway, she took a different approach in getting revenge and completely ruined her reputation until it couldn't be ruined any further [Page 35]. She effectively became a "ghost" per se, which is sort of a real thing that happens in Japan if you mess up too badly. Nobody recognizes you as being alive anymore, you suffer expulsion from humanity for your actions, this is assuredly why she moved around a lot. It's really fucked up. Anyway, she kept having meaningless sex and gradually suffered [MORAL DEGENERATION] and finally [MIND BREAK]. Then she became completely numb until the moment MC approached her and she suddenly felt a kindred spirit [Page 37/38]. THAT'S the story of this manga hentai. It's actually very well written if you look past the BIG ANIME TIDDIES. The MILF's backstory could easily fill a 250 page manga with how detailed it is.

Oh yeah and based on her profile, it is extremely unlikely that she has had sex with anyone other than the shota during the story. That would happen after they go their separate ways. The only guys that will read this far are in Kenja Time, admit it bro, lol
This being Nakamura Regura, when I saw "Kill Yourself" written on the school desk during Ghost Lady's flashback... I'd not be surprised if she was a ghost! The title suggests she haunts (and fucks) boys in a similar situation to hers... and (maybe) after the final panel, steals their souls when she answers the door. Like answering the phone in "The Ring" but, a MILF, and sex. Lots, and lots, of sex.

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