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*Mario Voice*
This was a great read! I didn't cum, but the story, art, and character design are all really good. I've never met my younger sisters on my dad's side, but I'd be lying if I didn't say that I've always wondered what it would be like to hook up with your sister. I actually fucked a chick that had sex with her brother. He raped her repeatedly for like 2 years... Needless to say she didn't enjoy it. But she said at times, she would just turn her brain off and ejoy the sensations. Ngl I got hard whenever she told me😅 But what do you expect from a degenerate? I'm here on pururin after all.
>>1093977 @ GundamKira
3 green tags. Im very selective
>>1093992 @ amiboy
Im usually there for the most part, thats why works in full green are appreciated.
Incest, pregnancy with a nice happy ending. Hell yeah.
Yay! Part 1 finally got uploaded! Thank you!
>>1094028 @ Anonymous52526
Yes anon
This is truly a great read
Sweet Home, Alabama

Where the skies are blue

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