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SPOILER explaining the ending:
The reason MC suddenly could have sex with his niece at the end is not because he was somehow "cured", but because she is the physical embodiment of his stepfather having had sex with his sister and a living reminder of that fact to him. Both of them completely fucked up his mind and permanently damaged his ability to have normal sexual relationships. Personally I hope this is where it ends and the artist doesn't make a fourth chapter that would be just a rehash of the first one with MC taking on his stepfather's role. This series already had enough suffering.
>>1093874 @ Shirou
Plot twist : And then her little brother do "that" with mc daughter and the tragedy happens again and again lol
So everything went full circle in the end. I actually enjoyed this somewhat. The author made it obvious in the first few pages of chapter 1 that the protagonist (Nao) was a weak empty husk of an individual, so I didn't feel sorry for him at all (I mean can you see how empty his eyes are all the time).
Well even though it's uncertain that he fuck and have a relationship with his niece because he wanted to get back at his step dad and sister or it's because his niece reminds him of his sister so much, but either way at the end he not only has a girl that truly Love him and wants to have his children, but on top of that that girl is his step dad and sister daughter, so to me after everything that happen this is the Best outcome that i Like the most and i wish every ntr hentai has this kind of ending, so i give this a 8/10😍😍👌
This honestly went on to long not only that but in the first book didn't the stepdad say he was there uncle but also said it wasnt ok for nao and the sister to fuck but he is their dads brother
a happy ending? at least he found someone and his dick gained in size
Like father Like son hell yeah 10/10 would fap again
Why the NTR TAG? XD

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