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Skip Asian women. Just go for Black women.
I dont mind pettanko Tomboys...🤔
BUT this felt more like the Author wanted to make a Yaoi but didnt go through with it, the "female" is just too male-ish (Edit: AS in her style, not the body type) for me 😓
Anyway, those who dont mind... ENJOY!
I loved this one. She was just forward enough, I'm into women like this.
The assertive/pushy attitude hits different
>>1096421 @ GundamKira
I loved it. It's a body type that ticks all the right boxes for me. Also, it's not something we see often in hentai.
The story was supper sweet too.
>>1099563 @ Waterdrinker
I dont mind the type of body itself, As said its her style what turns me off.
Glad theres people who enjoy it.

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