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What kind of IMBECILE you have to be to not notice her for so many years?...
Especially when she began getting more aggressive in her advances after becoming an adult...
He only has himself to blame for her descent into Yandere xD
>>1103176 @ GundamKira
I mean, ofc she's hot but if he had no interest in her then that's that.

Just creates a better scenario for us to enjoy afterall
>>1103177 @ Anonymous209482
Realisticaly yeah, you have a point.
But even then, taking apparently no notice nor action of any kind, feels a bit too farfetched.
At least regarding letting things escalate to that extent.
Then again I give the situation the benefit of doubt for the evulz.
Anyone who has a pretty yandere girl girl like her and not only notice her feelings about him way earlier and actually accept her love for him that guy would be set for life 10/9 👌
I didnt expect this to be creepy
Fabulous art style yet the doujin is quite short indeed. A magnificent plot which is simple and lovely 5/5.
Sounds interesting, but I keep getting a 524 error when I try to either view it online or download it.
>>1103176 @ GundamKira
I agree completely. He brought this on himself, I often see idiocy from characters in hentai but, this almost breaks suspension of disbelief. Especially at the end, she basically confesses and his reaction is to lock the door and ignore her? What? Is he an NPC? He couldn't even reject her properly. This fool is so pathetic I can't even pity him.

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