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Let's put some morals here:

For the girl: It's your body. Your property. You decide what to do with it and you have a right to say no. It doesn't matter what the others would feel or think about it, because it's their problem. If you don't like it, then say a clearly "No!". It's for your own good since you also have your own basic needs to be satisfied. Long story short: Help yourself first before you help others.

For the boy: Go outside and touch some grass, bruh. Here's also the thing about basic needs. If you don't satisfy them ASAP, there will be some withdrawal symptoms like doing things you would never do e.g. asking a victim do sth as seen in this doujin. He lacks of attention and is also maybe pressured by the fact he was still a virgin. Like I said before to the girl, help yourself first before anything goes worse.

Who am I to judge tho. Enjoy your hentai doujin, my fellow degenerate. ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯
>>1103348 @ Fumei
that's why fapping exist, to let sexual urges that been holding for weeks, months, or even years, out. i can only hold for months at least and surrender today.
>>1103349 @ Lazy Young Sperm
Was I only talking about sexual urges? What I am trying to say is the basic needs we have need to be satisfied ASAP. This includes hunger, thirst, sleep (external needs) but also the sense of belonging, attention and acknowledgement (internal needs), to count up some examples. Otherwise we will behave like e.g. someone who is starved to death and tries to get anything to eat, be it something edible, healthy and morally correct or vice versa. (Withdrawal symptoms)

As long as the hunger can be appeased, anything goes. However, is it sustainable? Has it positive influence on our health, on our life? What would be healthier, a bowl of fresh salad or a bag of crisps?

Now let's try to apply this example on sexual urges. I believe, that the need of "fapping" derives from the lack of attention, because you imagine yourself having copulation with that person you like, even though that person might not exist irl. That "fapping" is one way to deal with this lack of attention. The other way would be having a small talk with someone. This also deals with this lack of attention and therefore fulfills the same purpose as the former one.

To make it short: If you have your fill, you won't be hungry for now. Same goes for the other needs. Depends on how you satisfy them and how that method you chose affects you afterwards. Either with a bowl of salad (small talk) or a bag of crisps (fapping).

P.S. Are you trying to tell me you lost No Nut November? (This comment was written on 11/26/2022)
>>1103348 @ Fumei
Dude youthink this is morale and ethics comment section did you not felt lazy about that long text while typing?

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