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dude i'm confused if i should feel sorry for the husband or be extremely happy for the couple on one part they are almost a couple that made in heaven (and i'm saying this as a guy who had the misfortune of seeing 3-4 mom ntr months ago and still feels depressed when i remember it. yes ordinary ntr is one of the worst shit that happened to humanity but mom ntr is by far much more worst (since normal girls is just a girl who has a slut inside her and doesn't even deserve the guy but using mothers for something this degenerate is simply too cruel even for as heartless people as ntr authors i believe even devil wouldn't be that cruel) and on the other part the guy gets cheated on by her wife with his OWN SON i'm confused but it is far better if it is with the son other than an some random dude i guess since when one partner cheats he/she does not only cheat his/her spouse but also his/her childs/childrens but like this at the very least the boy didn't get cheated.
It's amazing artwork but the fact the father is still in the picture makes this a bit of a mood killer.

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