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Damn. Don't know if I should feel bad for her.
Bloody smile
A simple consultation, thought sharing and maybe a bit of a silent threat would have worked wonders though. Men will not know what you're thinking and simply brush it off as mood swings cause we are not mind readers. Honestly sharing your thoughts,telling your needs and reaching a consensus is the way to go. She even says that it was her fault by spoiling him rotten so ofcourse he won't realise anythins wrong. Huh...
Nice :)
>>13888 @ Bloody smile
I agree. It's too bad that rarely seems to happen.
Atta girl
Bloody smile
>>28887 @ Anonymous3033
Ditto *sighs in german sounding english*
Miss Triss
Her BF is a jick (jerk+dick). I would so cut his dick off and run it through a shredder. (not necessarily while he was asleep)
Bloody smile
>>32444 @ Miss Triss
* runs his dick through the shredder while its still attached to him. Slowly. Inch-by-inch. Millimetter by millimeter.
Miss Triss
>>32705 @ Bloody smile
I rike it!!! ;p
>>13554 @ BronzeRobot
No, her bf is not something she should care, that's out of choice
I don't like netorare but I don't consider his one. The BF deserved it all.
well womanizer always know how to comfort woman.
good job girl, for becoming a slut. why didn't you dump that shit boyfriend of yours?
>>13888 @ Bloody smile
I thought it was common sense for someone to do their own dishes and chores around the house

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