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nice change of pace .. unique story and art style
>>1257402 @ Anonymous218129
I agree 100%
The art is 10 / 10!
The story is 10 / 10!
Plot (the usual hentai) 10 / 10!
Revisiting this doujin is worthwhile, especially for new artists looking to explore the world of adult content.
So pretty much this kids older sister wants her brother to shave her. He shaves her hairy asshole and pussy. When he realizes why she's doing it calls her a pervert and wants to be her first. She gets a condom then they have sex. After that the sister says she wants her to shave her again and says like If you are down to fuck then lets do it. Pretty interesting one. 9 out of 10. So glad to be back to reviewing again.
Download link gives 404 error.

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