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Bloody smile
A: Hey. HEY! did you hear that.
B: *turns around* what?
A: i don't no it sounded like a long beep sound.
B: *turns to look at C* it's coming from C. C the fuck you doin.
A: hoi! i don't think C is...oh my god C's heart beat thingemejig!! It's flatlining!
B: why was connected to one in the first place?
A: that ain't important call the ambulance!
B: *suddenly realizes C's dying* o-ok right away. *dials while looking at what C was reading, falls to the floor and drown in a nose bleed.
A: *catches phone before it hits the floor* s-somebody help! 😭
^Dude the fuck? I mean at least its interesting..
Bloody smile
>>19654 @ Anonymous14914
♤The fuck why not?
>>20741 @ Bloody smile
Valid answer tbh..I'm sorry I should have been more considerate of C's dire position, did they ever survive? I hope you can take these flowers as an apology ❀ ✿ ❁ ✾ ✽ ❃ ❋
Bloody smile
>>21072 @ Anonymous14914
Apology not expected but much obliged.( wait am i using that word right? )
>>24256 @ Bloody smile
(Yeah you used it fine, obliged is like appreciated I think??)
On my top 5...
Love everything except the "oni-chan" part, missing out on a favorite just because of that.

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