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>>1257479 @ Glovelove
If you want to force this through give me a poke on discord, suppose I'll upload my Western and/or 3d and/or AI favorites on EH if this is actually something you approved without me seeing it.

Personally I'd recommend polling opinions on discord first, not really waiting for the inevitable BS claims from Shirou about how it's always my fault when there's anything he doesn't like, so I'd prefer to have it very clear that initiative behind this change would not be coming from me and give people the chance to shoot the idea down if they're still as strongly opposed to it now as they used to be.
outdated version
>>1257400 @ Marik
Western content still isn't allowed (I don't remember changing that rule myself, neither have I been properly informed about such a change by Puru), the few exceptions don't need a special tag.

If Puru does think our community which was previously opposed to it can go fuck themselves I'd recommend making separate categories for Western CG and Comic instead of tags (even if I did care to upset the community this way I'm a bit cautious to make new category tags myself, I remember webtoon and artbook being a hot fucking mess back in the day because the system doesn't like new category tags being added and I have no clue if the those issues are still present in the current backend), potentially 3d Comic and 3d CG while we're at it, AI categories if he wants to take this all the way.
Rejected on multiple occasions.
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