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We don't host imagesets.

3d is also not something we support atm.
I got the impression it was western and ongoing.

Exceptions for the former are made on a case by case basis, but given all the drama that can come from confronting our users with non-Asian content I'm pretty cautious about it.

As for the latter, the gallery replace function technically allows us to update unfinished works regularly but we'd probably have people bitching about it real quick because it doing it that way does mean it'll be on the front page several times while most galleries only get their 15 minutes of fame once.

I'd recommend uploading it to E-hentai, given that both of these issues, (which I had to assume because I only had this page to go on, normally I'd be able to follow the source link and learn more over on EH where people are more likely to go out of their way to verify these things) are Pururin-exclusive.
People who use the tag because they want to see footjobs are justified to expect it to be more than 10% of the gallery
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