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What the fuck is this . fucking grotesque
Seriously. Those sick and vile humans need to be tortured to the death. I know it's hentai, but after reading this makes me feel bad.
What does the artist think or feel while drawing this shit?
Yes... YESS!!! my DARK fetishes!
Kinky much?
Holy shit.. This was something intense
Fucking hell, i love this! I this got so "dark" that i couldn't stop laughing. Holy shit man. It's also pretty well drawn.
So dark, i can't even hear my heart
Wrong Target
Oh my....
To the normalfag, this aint nothing lol
Tell you something
Leave while you can
I wanna puke, nya
Blòody smile
Humans in a nutshell.
That went from hot to messed up real quick
alrigt, but where is the traps?
>>10853 @ Anonymous
See one of elui's (or was it shalua's?) child?
i feel bad as human and have a dick
IT NEEDS TO BE A LOT LONGER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It started well but it got really wird really fast,dude you got a really fuked up mind you know that,I mean I like a bit of fetish and stuff but having babies while getting fuked OMG that was really mest up and disgusting. I like the way you drew the mother though. I was a bit shocked about the story really.
Let's see those normies crying over a doujin.
Pregnant MILF and loli is turning me on so much, I thought there would be trap too but I'm disappointed the trap only appeared once. It would be perfect if the trap was raped too.
Wadafack did I just read!?
You ever finish masturbating and then afterwards realize what the actual fuck you just came to? No? Me neither OwO
Kinda fucked up yo
Bloody smile
This has three parts. Third part is the father giving on to despair and fucking his kid, grandkids and great grandkids in a brothel. You have been warned.
weak normie
I am a sadist half mascohist and that felt Good and bad to read
0/10. If the father was also turned into a sex slave it could be a 1/10. BTW if the father was tortured while seeing his wife and daughter being raped and that they did not turned into enjoying this lasciviousness at the end but suffered for eternity, this would be a pretty good manga.
An old man from 1582 once told me "in face of danger, just keep smiling". This made me laugh incontrollably
Oh i came, but at the cost of my own humanity...
As a female I am only barely against the idea of this. like 1.5 outta 10 against it? They all liked it by the end im sure girls irl would to eventually so it's not that crazy ig.
awesome 👍
>>49622 @ ChloeV

In some countries men abduct girls, rape them until pregnant, then marry them. The young moms stay with them willingly and it is just the culture, so yeah it can be normal if we all try hard enough. So am I a bad girl for wanting this to be real?
I've read a lot of doujinshi, but this one is so dark asf
Definitely was not my proudest fap. Couldn't even do it anymore, so glad I read this; my standing in No Nut November remains because of this. Jesus Christ....
Birth, pregnancy, fucking while giving birth, mother/daughter, incest, enslavement, loli.

This shit is so "dark". My pussy is too damn wet right nowm
>>49622 @ ChloeV
I know, right?
The only good thing to do to an Elf.
I do not get why people think it is so dark that people are suggesting for the author to get tortured to death. Could someone elaborate?
>>152381 @ Anonymous
You DID read it, didn't you?
While I don't think they meant it literally, that sort of reaction is to be expected when reading something like this-
Some strong stuff we have here.

But hey, exactly what I was looking for.
I have to wash my eyes after reading this shit
cool, I love it.
Like, what the fuck is this shit scoob?
1 down, 5 to go. hope i dont regret it later
this is unscientific yet i cum in every chapters, though i'm not into this. so 7/10
Came for the rape stayed for the scat.
duude all that poopp????????
What i am doing with my life. . .
Sometimes I'm glad i read the comments before the dj lmao
Thanks everyone on this comment section!
Decent fap
Lots of different comments here. Heh, the variety is nice. Personally? I enjoyed the rape scenes with the mother and daughter. The theme of corruption was neat.
From all the doujins i've read this one was the worst i've ever read. Not because of the quality or story its the nature of how detailed and how much of a mindfuck it is to read. Berserk or Shondols doujins ain't got shit on this one. It was one of the first doujins i ever reviewed on the website animelist. Those of you that have a weak stomach stay faf away from this one. It's a bucket of fuck gets to a point where the female characters get mindfucked to a point where they start to enjoy it. Probably one of the few doujins to actually hurt my head while reading. The fourth one is more tame than because the creator wanted to make a doujin chapter without very much rape which i guess is a god send but it just gets worse when the series keep on going the sexual depravity and loli elf anal rape, rape of virginity, sodomized to a point where a girl has a guy push her stomach to a point where she shits herself in front of her mother. A baby gets cummed on as its born. That's all.

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