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*anatomy has left the chat*
Hell yea my favorite art style this one is sweet
>>1062723 @ haganey
All things considered with this group, this is the most "normal" looking the characters have been drawn that I've seen. =V
Like the concept. The art, not so much.
It's the eyes. Otherwise I enjoy
It's a little more than the eyes l
>>1062735 @ TheHentaiDon
Lol that's true
Reminds me of shitty deviantart or tumblr or something. And it's colored too so the bad art just stands out more. I hate that the proportions are off. High school girls don't look like that. At least with anime-style the proportions are more believable. The heads are small, the bodies are big. I can't tell if they're supposed to be fat or buff. I maybe would've been fine with this if it was uncolored, but it was. Which means that the time spent coloring this could've gone to bettering the art instead. And the guy was supposedly the jock type? I couldn't even tell it was a guy.

Dammit why am I so angry? Just because the girl is plain doesn't mean the art has to be too.
>>1065309 @ Anonymous
It's Zenmai Kourogi's style. Its obviously a love it or hate it. There is no in between.

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