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netorare and reverse netorare tags at once? ehhhhhh?!
Surpisingly wholesome... For something that has NTR...
Then again it was kind of tame compared to other stuff.
Only the ending of the University Senpai was kind of bitchy xD
If gundamkira says it's wholesome and the NTR element is tame then it must be worth reading.
I actually found this because it was suggested on EH as example for a possible Purification tag (inverted version of Corruption and Moral Degeneration, I'd love for that to be a tag but its incredibly rare so probably going down as "too niche for a tag" at this rate), think it was a bad example because the "slut redemption" in the first story is a bit too light given that for a prostitute she wasn't even that big of a slut in the first place (also not really the kind of Purification I'd be interested in, more interested in the "corruption but with angels" side) but still a very good read.
oh man that was a good redemption arc! holy crap!
>>1096460 @ Glovelove
rather than "purification" wouldn't "redemption" possibly be a better tag name?
>>1096518 @ Anonymous203006
Well you're free to join the discussion on e-hentai, personally I strongly prefer Purification because its the term already used in the corruption fetish community. "Redemption" is a bit more global/ambiguous of a term so also more likely to generate misuse from people who assume tag meaning without reading the description.

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