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this is another duplicate, wtf are you doing?!
>>1102202 @ Anonymous203006
You could be nicer when you tell them that you know. They're only human after all.
>>1102203 @ Anonymous124014
already tried that, they don't care
>>1102202 @ Anonymous203006
FWIW, they have two different translations. Taking a glimpse at this one, it seems to have a somewhat more natural sounding tl than the previous post, at least in my opinion. Not sure if that justifies a dupe, but it at least seems they had their mind in the right place.
>>1102202 @ Anonymous203006
Its new ruling from Shirou, Im not allowed to "meddle" with Fram's uploads anymore beyond just hitting approve because he will twist anything else out of context to whine about power abuse.

I'll try to keep the other dupes on pending eternally (plenty of non-dupe uploads to prioritize, though I didn't get to fix his tagging on all of them before the new rules were added) but that's really all I can do atm.
>>1102306 @ Glovelove
So Fram is essentially sigmarc 2.0?
>>1102307 @ Anonymous203006
Nah, Sigmarc was even worse in tagging but didn't cause even half the drama.

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