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I could have sworn ive seen this before...is this a re-upload?
>>1102376 @ Anonymous203006
Yeah I've been sifting through galleries and replacing the stuff with downsampled resolution, better/decensored versions available or corrupted images.

Also got plenty of older ones that just aren't uploaded and have been put on my to-read/upload list on EH, and I'm pretty sloppy when it comes to stating the reasons for replacements in notes so sometimes I can't even remember which of those 2 piles an upload came from.
>>1102378 @ Glovelove
speaking of re-uploading.
Can you re-upload "Island of the Mist God Vol 4"?
The galleries are broken.
>>1102379 @ Anonymous203006
Can't even find the 4th one.......
>>1102381 @ Glovelove
The one on here got removed (thankfully) if thats what you're refering too.
>>1102382 @ Anonymous203006
yeah I checked on ex and it was uploaded there earlier this year. Aside from that whoever removed it absolutely should have reuploaded, its a bit concerning that the images supposedly couldn't load on that one as I've never see that issue affect uploads this recent before. Can't reupload it because I don't know who did the original one and there'll be drama if it turned out to be Fram.
>>1102398 @ Glovelove
no I don't think it was fram, thankfully. The first 3 volumes are uploaded by puru apparently, so perhaps the 4th one was, or perhaps it was your old nemesis Sigmarc
>>1102400 @ Anonymous203006
Sigmarc stopped uploading in 2020 so doubtful he would have gotten his hands on a 2022 release. Should also be noted that Puru's uploads are the most common targets for replacements because the database he used to populate our initial database was sourced from Nhentai (which resizes content to save on space) with 99+% of his uploads seemingly being this batch and the rest being tests where he tends to ignore uploading rules/tagging completely because he's only interested if the upload system still works after an update. Don't think he's uploaded anything this year given his hiatus.

I agree it doesn't look something Fram would have uploaded but Shirou wouldn't either so Wraithmarsh is the only regular left and him not fixing his own upload is even less likely.
>>1102405 @ Glovelove
looks like you're in the clear to upload it again
>>1102407 @ Anonymous203006
Not as far as I've been informed. as long as there's a chance Fram touched it I'm not getting into the drama.

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