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How come the site has slowed down a lot? Has it been hacked again? I’m concerned for this site.
>>1219436 @ Anonymous174805
The people runin it, is slowly retireing, and there is no people to cover up the spots...
More over puru is in radio silence so... not too much to do, while the site stand
>>1219448 @ Lupus_Deus
SShirou was looking to retire, but he didn't want to do so alone, so made sure to stoke up existing drama to the point no one else wanted to continue uploading either.

I'll come in to moderate some stuff every now but approvals are rationed without anything new coming in.

Pururin as a whole is just not sustainable. E-Hentai has a dedicated communities for tagging/cleanup (which I am a very active member of nowadays) to stay on top of that shit and constantly try to fix problems like unwanted search results, dupes, missing tags, ect. While on Pururin I'd be working all fucking day to achieve half of that all by myself, and even if our community did bother with that shit it would still be my work because tag edits need to be approved individually by mods here and the majority of people don't understand tagging rules so we need to double check that stuff. And uploading had a similar issue, people need to put in a massive amount of work, mods then need to do a lot of work, and at the end of the day we're still playing catch-up to E-hentai.

The way Pururin is build requires people to work their ass off just to be inferior but usable compared to E-hentai, its pretty much designed to cause burn-out, so I'd say its impressive we even lasted this long before it all started collapsing in on itself.

On top of that, we're extremely dependent on Puru to solve some problems like upload system breaking down entirely every now and then and the more prolific spambots and he's not exactly reliable on availability.....
>>1219565 @ Glovelove
Is there any way to change the way some of those tasks are performed? To reduce the workload on you?
>>1219881 @ AnonymouseX10
Nope, even if better ideas were brought forward they'd never be implemented because Puru never catches up on his to do list, he'll just fix the upload system or resolve some hosting issues once every few months then tells himself the next attempt at rewriting all our code from scratch is going to be the time he actually finishes it (it never is).

Uploading/tagging could be streamlined more if we had experienced people doing it........but pretty much no one sticks around for months on end to learn the system (hell Fram had 1-2 years and still got the most basic stuff wrong every other week), neither do I feel strongly motivated to teach people the ins and outs at this point. Drama either starter or escalated by Shirou has driven away all Top Contributors and Moderators we had save for me occasionally checking in, and after that he "retired" (big word when he's mostly been the manager inconveniencing real moderators for the past 2-3 years) to ensure my diminished attention would be all Pururin has left for life support.

For the first few years Shirou was the primary reason Pururin fucking survived, and when his spotlight faded he made damm sure he'd also be the reason it died.
>>1219975 @ Glovelove
I'm sorry that this happened to you. I do have some coding background, but may not be enough to rival this site in its current form. Wish I had a better solution to present :(
>>1220484 @ AnonymouseX10
I have a coding background as well, didn't graduate, but I know enough to see this vicious cycle of constantly restarting from scratch won't be getting anywhere.

There's not that much need for rivals though, our content is sourced from E-Hentai and the only real unique content we have compared to it are some galleries that got nuked over there because of FAKKU and Irodori abusing DMCA, and some pururin-exclusive tags (though honestly most of those are maintained poorly). So E-hentai/exhentai is the superior choice, probably even if you need a VPN to access it.....

What turns most people off from E-hentai is that it looks really old and clunky, not even showing the thumbnails of galleries like all the newer sites do......but it can, you just need to enable it in your settings, it gives more freedom of choice on how galleries are displayed than any other site it just doesn't default to the one we consider standard. It also has some legally questionable tags (some countries and US states did rule that drawings are real kids for the purpose of sending pedos to jail) locked behind exhentai urls which just give you a blank screen if you aren't already logged in on an account that has existed for a week or so (and for whatever reason, set a cookie that keeps it that way, idk what the point of that is, it only means I need to flush cookies after re-logging if I'm logged out by a browser update). It also hosts a wider variety of content, as it includes Western, Cosplay, random image dumps and 3d stuff, and filtering out the categories you don't want to see is slightly easier there, same goes for languages: there's more than just English and Speechless, but you can still adjust your filters to only show you English, it allows hiding blacklisted tags from view entirely, has a "watched tags" section where it only shows you somewhat recent uploads on your favorited tags; And the tagging is a bit more reliable, don't get me wrong any tagging errors we have are copied over from E-hentai.....but on their end there's a community cleaning those issues up (I personally upvote/downvote at least 300 tags per day over there) while on Pururin we barely have anyone bothering with that, and a system that would scale up incredibly poorly if people did as literally everything needs moderator supervision.

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