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Husband showing up killed my boner.
Always gotta add some kind of cuck shit huh
>>1254393 @ Anonymous52526
Nah Bruh i Blame the Husband not give attention to the Wife that She Cheating and in this case there is No Force Cheating from the Male its The Woman that want it even The Man she Cheat with feel Sorry to her Husband, its Nice NTR

I just Hate Normal Lovey Dovey Couple do its Own thing, and unhinged Man Come and Ruined Everything Make me want to do Some War Crime myself you know
>>1254600 @ anti real girl
idk about all that, but when i search SPECIFICALLY for sole male tag, i want the the thing to be a SOLE MALE only ffs
>>1254784 @ Anonymous52526
just report it then, i report a Wild Futa Doujin that Somehow Dont have The tag even The Title its Literally a "Futa" and something...

and i think i have this kind of Resistance for NTR and Rape, thats its OK if The perpetrator Know well its Wrong and Take Responsibility to the point of Divorce, seem they still have Functioning brain and Not only their dick

and wow you responded i thought i just gonna talk to a Wall or something and that its fine,Hope you have nice Fap
>>1254787 @ anti real girl
i've reported it already and it's been fixed. pleasantly surprised by fast reaction.
good day.
>>1254784 @ Anonymous52526
Then avoid Cheating/NTR content because Sole Male is absolutely valid as long as only one guy actually gets laid. If husband actually gets his fuck on provide some page numbers instead of expecting moderators to read through ~100 pages just to find the needle in the haystack.
>>1254889 @ Glovelove
And yes i do block netorare tag every time i search something and it's also blacklisted.
cheating on another hand doesn't necesseaily involve another guy, which is why exactly i read stuff with sole male tag.

Sole male is not valid because page 88 explicitly shows another guy getting laid.
The tag literally says SOLE male, not sole male AND maybe some other guy getting a dip or two.
>>1254921 @ Anonymous52526
Btw should note that for years Shirou thought it was valid in any gallery where two guys weren't getting laid at the same time, if you find more such errors just keep in mind to actually provide relevant page numbers on the edits.
>>1254889 @ Glovelove
I took a look at it and yes, the husband totally got laid and approved his contribution.

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