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Someone needs to call the police and let them get arrested by them
As hot as the loli was this was hard to get off to. I only really liked the younger dudes pages anyway which is only in the second half.
What a boring, predictable ending! [Better ending] The two boys start fighting over 'who gets to rape her" next? Each of them pulls out a gun, and shoots his friend! They each drop their gun, and cry out ("what have I done")? The boys are both are in shock, realizing he may have just killed his best friend. Meanwhile the girl picks up their guns, and shoots them both to death! [Fade to black]
>>21020 @ jimmystalltales
Omfg and then she becomes a guns akimbo badass adorable broken bird bounty huntress. Now thats an awesome story idea...
fate of any volunteer girl at rapefugee camp
also at europe
Is there going to be a second part
Nope. Not my cup of tea.
Bloody smile
>>28615 @ Anonymous3033
Let them enjoy this. At least they're not supporting ntr, cuck or guro. *pats hand* ok?
I’m so depressed I can’t kill whoever wrote this. Maybe I ws born in the wrong time.
This is horrible
The art, the emotions, great.
The story, the act, and the pretense to come, HELL NO!
feel awful, maybe I should stop looking at porn.
This, fucked me up I’m not gonna lie.

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