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Warning: Super fucked up
If you can FAP to this, I suggest you seek professional help.
Yknow this one strikes too close to reality for comfort, I really wanted to beat that motherfcker up
this was disturbing....fck this shit
I want a follow-up for this but it's a one-shot
ps. yes I am a sick fuck who found this pretty rich (no I did not raptor this)
I want to know more of this storyy
Wow, that that took a really dark turn...
mr sasageyo
that's why free sex is forbidden

man i almost cry and anger
I like this not because it makes me aroused but because it warns us about no matter how horny u r if you're not ready having a baby, don't sex.
Need to take the moral value.....
Damn will be single for another 4 year
Awful just awful
Goddamn I thought it was generic incest fluff and enjoying it then that happened killed my boner and hurt my feels.
I married my wife because of this same mistake. It is not our intention to have baby at a young age. Though she is legal to get married, without a stable economy things will be hard.

And yet she got pregnant. But I never did something like this to her. I stood up, meet her parents and take responsible to both of their daughter and my coming son.

Not that i'm supporting anybody to make a same mistake as mine. But I am proud to stood up and not running away from my responsibility.

Now we live as family, and a beautiful son of mine. And I will definitely teach him to not run away from mistake. While you choose for it, you must take responsibility of it as well.
>>65906 @ Anonymous
Abortions are responsible. Don't have a kid you can't properly care and support. People who do are dumb, stupid fucks that should have been aborted.
So I started to fap during the first part before the father walked in then quickly started to think about what the actual fuck I am reading after that. That's not even close to fapable
Holy sheet this is a mind blow
God damn it I got to start from scratch. Damn itsm started out so funny too
well this was disgusting. Christ i'd snap that kids neck in a heartbeat. Lousy shithead.
Holy fuck. I like pregnant stuff but this... this is amongs the top worst! Only read this if you want to annihilate your boner THEN feel awful. This kind of story and rape are just AWFUL. Had it been a good loli story at least... it could had been nice but what we got is just... holy shit... take responsability. Dont fucking beat! Im shocked in digust.
Well... This was the opposite of what i was looking for. Thanks for killing my boner author-kun
I wish I had listened to the warnings of other people saying this was messed up...now I just feel sad.

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