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>>1257083 @ Puru
Why not just delete the old one?
This was uploaded when the new system didn't exist yet.
>>1257094 @ Anonymous194676
They exist, but do you have the money to have 600 pages translated?
No, there are at least two different men who appear here. The tag is only used when there is really only one man in action during the plot.
>>1257025 @ Anonymous11553
This translation is from the magazine version, of which only 2 of the 6 chapters have been translated. But in Millennium Slave ~My Lady, My Master~ / 千年隷嬢~マイレディ、 マイマスター~ all 6 chapters have been translated.
So since western stuff is allowed, I'm uploading the first one. Just for goodness sake Puru maybe you should adjust all the forms a bit in this regard. e.g. Instead of Japanese name, original name and so on.
And perhaps also an extra category for it, like there is on E/Ex.
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