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some heart breaking ....
Awabuchi...you knew EXACTLY what you were getting into when you shortened your skirt. Why act so surprised?
That's low.
The final panel is going to stick with me, and haunt my noncon fetish.
Sadly this shitty awful world has more trash in it like these scumbags than it does good ppl and those ever more pathetic scum of the earth trash constantly go out of their way to ruin ppls lives just for fucking fun. There is a big difference in an alpha type male and a total piece of shit manipulating mega cowardly rapist loser.
All she wanted was a healthy amount of attention, appreciation and respect. By lacking these things, these people result in doing things like her, shortening the skirt in order to get attention, even the unintentional and immoral ones. It also might be because of the curiosity of doing such act since she's very innocent, naive and therefore unfortunately very gullible.

Like you said, >>1254145 @ Anonymous296503, they are fucked up mothereffers out there exploiting these kind of people for their own entertainment while ignoring the feelings and needs of these people. Even though this doujin is made for, y'know, "wrist training", if you look at it rationally, it's fucked up.
>>1254126 @ Anonymous203006
Not exactly. She shortened her skirt only to get attention and praises. You see how she's easily persuaded by hearing compliments which are not really meant as such. She knows that this is wrong and morally reprehensible, however the lack of self-confidence, her naivety and the curiosity towards the stuff happening there caused this incident to occur.

To answer your question: She wanted some attention, but she didn't know that it would go as far as being molested. She was surprised at first, yet the hidden pleasure in being photographed took over her mind and her common sense was shut down. In the livestream, there are moments when she tried to escape somehow, but these guys tried to "cheer her up" by giving compliments and being nice to her. However, when they raped her, she gave in to the pleasure and all the reason disappeared. At the end, she saw that tweet about herself getting fucked, and she was rather shocked than surprised.
>>1254153 @ Fumei
theres also a drip pool on the final page,(have to look towards the bottom of the page between her legs to see it) so I think she's broken enough by the sex to have both despised and somehow enjoyed the revelation.
I didn’t even got the guts to read this, I’d just look at the thumbnail and it already making my stomach hurt. Man fuck this.
Moral of the Story: don't shorten your skirts, you will get pregnant!
Isn't she the idiot here? Like, they were bad dudes sure. But she's stupid lol. Blame yourself on this one girl. I get what she was trying to do with wanting more attention, but ngl she was pushing for this outcome with how much deeper and deeper she was going into it. Even letting molesters take pics and sticking out her butt more for em'. She was kind of a slut from the get go. Reap what you sow I guess lolol
I can get off to the art but man, the story is sad. Just I think the fact someone is even degen enough to come up with this means it prolly happened to someone irl.
>>1254155 @ Anonymous203006
Nah, she's on her way home after they finished filming - see how she held her stomach in pain before she saw that she got outed? What you're seeing on the final page is semen.

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